Thursday, May 03, 2012

Experiment in advertising

Mail $5 per blog or $25 for all 7, plus the hoplink  business card, or  flyer you want advertized . The name of any of my blogs and I will be glad to advertise your ad on the blog or blogs of  your choice; .Please print clearly so I will get it right the first time. Send cash, mo, check, checks have to clear bank first . send your e-mail if you want confirmation where your ad is located,  Send too:
R.L. Davis
603 west davis st
apt. 7
Burlington, NC 27215

call if you need further info  336-639-8132

LIST OF MY BLOGS: ( over 3000 pageviews each month and  growing fast)  the pageviews you see above is the last 30 days will update frequently also check out my website which is also listed below.
a blog is forever some of these have been running since 2009

Thank You and it will be posted within 2 days of receipt of payment check back then and see your hoplink posted to the blog you chose please keep track of where your hoplink will be.

example of advertizing   doing taxes


Coffee Shop Millionaire